Monday, April 6, 2009

cleaning tricks

one of my first posts on this blog was about how hard i found it to keep a classroom clean when i was a general ed teacher. i haven't had to deal with this in awhile since i've been out of the classroom, but the two weeks of intersession brought it all back.

on friday i knew we had to do some major cleaning to get the room ready for the class it belongs to. yet i had a bunch of hyped up puppeteers and was looking for a way to get us to clean that wouldn't get us too crazy. i'd already used up magic trash and pick-up olympics (explained in detail in old blog post above). so i needed something new.

i put all the tasks that needed to be done in a basket and put the kids in groups of 3. they had to pull a job from the basket, complete it, bring it to me to check, and then draw another job.

they were SO excited. you would have thought i was having them pull out christmas presents from santa's sack. i only wish i'd thought of this "game" when i was still in the classroom.

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Allen Techs said...

I never knew there's such a thing called "cleaning tricks". But I guess it is also effective thing to do. Keep it up!