Tuesday, April 28, 2009

playing around

so for my birthday one of my baby brothers (i say that because he's 23 and makes more money than me) gave me a flip camera. i'm still playing around with the different ways i can use it with teaching. i have managed to convince my bff that is the best thing ever since he loves performing. normal tasks he refuses to do i've gotten him to complete by just video taping him and letting him watch himself afterward. i can't decide if it's making him a more thoughtful reader because he can now hear his mistakes, or if it's making him decide his mistakes don't matter at much, but regardless, at least he's reading more now.

today i decided to take the fabulous sidewalk chalk i got at the conference on saturday and let him draw pictures from his favorite story. only catch was they had to be in sequential order and then he had to retell the story using the pictures (retelling is always something we struggle with). he enjoyed it (although wasn't thrilled with the messy hands part of sidewalk chalk) and i managed to get him on video retelling a story using real sentences and transition words. hooray!

you'll probably have to bare with me as i continue to play with the camera. oh... maybe my next step can be having him add in text...

(I'm trying to edit the video where he's talking to post that, but apparently i'm still learning how to edit)

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