Tuesday, April 21, 2009


i found a fairly simple yet incredibly useful website (spellingcity.com) to use with my bff. i'm working on improving his knowledge of high frequency words (words common in our language but are not necessary phonetic- like what, with, and, because, etc. words that are just better to go ahead and memorize so that children know them quickly)

so i set my bff up with a game from this site after i'd gone through pulling up the site, entering the words and then getting an appropriate game set up. i got him started and walked away.

a little while later i went back to see that he'd re-entered the site on another computer and put his own words in (words from the word wall- words he didn't know before). then he listened to them being read aloud to him and played the game. he repeated this about three times before he wrote the website down along with a list of words and stuffed it into his backpack so he could play it at home.

i was a bit floored by his independence, but excited all the same. if this is how we'll learn our 100 first grade words then my job will be a lot easier. just cross your fingers this keeps up.


Mamie said...

Love it! What a way to beat the Dolch List Doldrums! :)

Your Teacher said...

I am absolutely going to start using that website in my class. Great tip. Love your blog, can't wait to meet your bff next year!!!!

Not Quite Grown Up said...

Oh my gosh, that website is wonderful! It knows all the words I have entered so far! Awesome.