Wednesday, April 15, 2009


i have to admit i'm having one of those weeks that just makes me excited to get up and go to work. it's nice to be back with my own kids. someone waved a magic wand over their heads over spring break because they suddenly seem to have grown up. things they were struggling with before our break now seem to be easier for them. they seem taller, they're listening more, and they're thinking more. if i ever doubt the developmental theories and piaget spring is what always changes my mind. the mere fact that we've let them get a little older and develop a little more seems to open them up for new learning. i love it where the kindergartners are in their learning right now.

my ecstatic state is probably helped by the fact that i turned in my last huge grad school paper monday night (just a final and then the comprehensive exams standing between me and my masters) and we found out that we are 99% sure we'll be year-round next year. no promises for the year after that, but we'll take next year at least.

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Not Quite Grown Up said...

Congrats about the masters being almost done, and the year-round getting okayed!