Friday, March 20, 2009


a sweet little boy completing his second year of kindergarten came up to me at the end of the day today, dragging his friend behind him. his friend, a fellow kindergartner who just finished reading 'tales of a fourth grade nothing' (not kidding) looked confused at why he was being brought up to me.

the boy pointed to his friend, looked at me straight in the eyes and asked in an innocent, yet inquisitive voice- "why can he read?"

as though i'd decided to give the gift of reading to one of them and not the other.

"but i can't read. i've tried" he said. "why can he?"

what do you say? memories of my own reading struggles came back- watching the children fly through books in kindergarten when i was wrestling with my own easy books. what do you say?

"that's why you come to school! so we can teach you to read!" i said, "we'll get there! some of us just learn faster than others."

the look on his face didn't look like he bought it.

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organized chaos said...

no- another second timer. he is taking a lot of control of own reading tho, which is so great!