Friday, March 6, 2009


today is pixie's last day. she's moving to kenya. who moves to kenya?

i've worked with her everyday for two years now. she's the little one who on the first day of kindergarten raised her hand and said, "excuse me, but i 'm ready to go to ms. dodd's class now" referring to her summer school teacher. i don't know if she was just telling us she was done with us, or if she thought she was suppose to go to summer school instead of kindergarten. she was a daily part of lunch bunch last year and this year she's kept me on my toes during guided reading and in our writing workshop group. i can't even process how much i'm going to miss this little one! i've watched her go from being unable to draw circles on a page to being able to write actual stories with actual letters formed correctly.

she's a cross between ramona and madeline and our school wont be the same without her!

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