Monday, March 23, 2009

my teeth are falling!

this morning, on the first day of intersession, my bff ran straight by me in the hallway with his father chasing after him. my bff was yelling, "stop! get away! no talking! leave me alone!" as he darted his way through the stream of children heading toward the gym.

his father looked extremely embarrassed (and oh how i've been there) yet concerned and wanting to talk with me. not only was it the first day of our new schedule, but my bff has a loose tooth- his first ever. and he is NOT ok with this development.

i imagine that if you do not fully understand what is happening this would be a very disturbing feeling- to suddenly have what you thought was always strong and sturdy to become wiggly and then to be told it was going to fall out. your comfortable world would shatter. no wonder someone invented the tooth fairy.

poor little guy.

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