Tuesday, March 3, 2009

my side of a conversation from today:

"please don't put my pen in your nose"
"take it out"
"that's gross. take it out"
"please don't put it near me now that you put it in your nose"
"no, i don't want to touch it"
"no, i am not touching the pen you put in your nose"
"no, the other teachers don't want to touch it either"
"we don't care if you washed it. we are not touching the pen"

lately i feel like snot and boogers are my main points of conversations.


The Science Goddess said...

At least it isn't dull.

I have to say that now that I spend my days with adults, I don't have these conversations.

I kinda miss them.

Snippety Gibbet said...

I'm not having those conversations currently either. But then again, M will be home in a few days and the gross conversations will pick up where they left off. jj