Friday, March 20, 2009

what would hannah montana do?

we had another jump rope performance at another school in our county. it's amazing to go visit different schools in our county and see the differences that exist. this was a brand new school (well, almost- 6 years old) with flat screen monitors hanging where bulletin boards would be. the monitors cycled through pictures of students learning along with pictures of their work. the gym was a real gym with nice equipment and lots of space.
of course, the biggest difference was the population. i counted maybe 10 "diverse" kids, compared to our team, which represents just about 20 different countries for 24 kids (and no americans this year). one thing that struck me was the college sweatshirts- some of the kids were wearing college sweatshirts- but not in a 'sports-team' way. shirts for colleges like bucknell, washington and lee, davidson- the smaller colleges that one would only wear a shirt from if one's parents had gone there. it made me realize i'd never seen one of our kids in a sweatshirt from a college other than va tech, or george mason- common schools in our area. just an odd observation....

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
our kids were rock stars today. or, as a little one corrected me, 'jump-stars'. the students mobbed them after the performance, asking them to sign anything they had- napkins, wrappers from their lunch, their cheeks. they walked by our girls and made hearts with their hands. they stared at us while we ate. they waved and waved and waved. as we walked by they gasped.

and of course, our kids ate it up. they signed whatever was put in front of them, waved back, and giggled like crazy at the hearts. i was worried we wouldn't be able to fit all of those large heads back on the bus, but it was worth it. at first they seemed embarrassed but, once asked, "well, what would hannah montana do?" they seemed to fall happily into the role of rock star.

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