Monday, October 15, 2007

to be 7 again

Every once and awhile something will catch my eye that makes me really, really jealous that I'm not still a 7 year old girl. Something so inspiring that it's full experience can only be seen through the eyes of a creative child.

Today I was checking out exhibits at the National Gallery of Art planning my visit when I came across this website:
It lets you play with a Dutch dollhouse on-line!! When you move furniture closer to you it gets bigger, away it gets smaller. Move the mirrors on the wall... look how its reflection changes. How cool is that? Don't like the Dutch painting on the wall? Here are 3 others you can choose from. Go outside, meet the pig and ring the church bells.

Saturday my husband and I were visiting friends in Amherst, MA and visited the Eric Carle Museum after reading rave reviews from Blink. As I watched a little girl snuggle up with one of the children's books and read the story the art on the wall was created for I felt a twinge of jealousy. I want to be 7 again! I want to walk the galleries with wonder, read the stories and see the real paintings on the walls. I want to use my child imagination to create in the studio. I want my parents to read to me in the library, walk me through the exhibits and read aloud the inspiring questions on the walls. I want to run through my own back yard woods and search for the animals I saw.

I mean, really, who decided we had to grow up?

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Jenny said...

No kidding! My four year old keeps saying, "I don't want to be a grown-up." And I can only respond, "Of course not. Who can blame you? But you still have lots of time."