Tuesday, October 9, 2007

library fines, bar tabs and interest

The librarian at the local library behind my house just informed me that my pattern of racking up library charges and not paying them until they get over the $8 limit is similar to people who keep bar tabs.

books? beer? They do both begin with b... Still, I like to think that's a stretch.

My favorite librarian is the one who pointed out that the library doesn't charge interest, so really, you are under no obligation to pay your fine until it reaches the $8 mark. Excellent point. Come to think of it, bars probably don't charge interest either.


Tree said...

FYI, Fairfax limit is $25. But waiting for the limit is bad news.

Blink said...

Tree...spoken like a true serial overdue-er! hee hee:)

Herdingcats said...

I do the same thing! We're such naughty girls.

JM said...

I received a notice from the library telling me that if I didn't pay up in 20 days they were going to send a collections agency after me! (They're getting serious!) So I paid up and got a new batch of books for the kids.

organized chaos said...

no! They are getting serious! I can't imagine having a collection agency come after me for my library fines... You're right, at least it's going to buy new books.

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