Wednesday, October 24, 2007

totally unfair rant

A group of principals had a meeting at our school today. I guess our parking lot was full and they didn't want to park on the road because of the rain so they parked in no-parking areas of our parking lot. This really interfered with kiss and ride and made life more difficult on a rainy afternoon when we were trying to safely get kids into their correct cars.
I may be taking out my kiss and ride frustrations on them, but just because you are a principal doesn't mean you don't have to follow the parking signs at another school. We don't put up signs just to make ourselves feel important. We have good reasons, and in fact, these reasons keep kids safe, which the principals would be all kinds of upset about if this happened at their own schools.

It also reminds me how great my own principal is. Many principals pull into the parking lot every day and slide into the spot marked 'principal' close to the door. Ours doesn't do this. We don't even have a spot marked principal. I've always found it refreshing that she doesn't need a special parking spot to remind her she's great.

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