Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Charter schools, vouchers, school-choice, and a big can of worms

For those of you who know me, you know that I married someone who does not share my political beliefs. You also know I enjoy engaging debates, love to have my beliefs challenged, and truly believe such discussions lead to finding the truth in the long run.

During intersession I have accompanied my husband to a conference in beautiful Portland, Maine. Dreaming of a hotel room, a beautiful autumn view, an indoor pool, and not having to cook for myself, I decided that if I was going to spend the next few days reading either for grad school or for pleasure, I might as well do it in Maine.

I forgot, of course, that I am actually attending a conference that supports school choice, vouchers, charter schools and privatized education. The one topic we do agree on is NCLB, since these groups would like to rid the country of the Board of Education. I would just like them to stop using my tax dollars to build those ridiculous little red school houses they place at their doorways.

(Even as I write this I keep glancing over my shoulder to make sure nobody sees this and I get thrown out).

I am usually a level headed person who enjoys challenging debates. There are a few issues that I don't do well when debating because of the passion I bring with me. One of these issues is school choice.

So, if you have any debating points you'd like me to share with the other side, hard data on why school choice doesn't work, or anything else I can use as ammunition, send it my way. I need reasonable arguments so that I wont just start calling perfectly nice people evil doers.

I promise not to embarrass my husband while defending public schools. At least, I'll try.

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