Thursday, October 4, 2007

two silly yet different worlds

Last night my husband spent hours on his blackberry trying to solve a problem I told him seemed really silly. I smugly thought that while I may not have his earning potential, or his respectful workplace, at least I wasn't one of 4 grown-men desperately clutching his blackberry at 9pm, worrying about a very small mistake that most people may not notice.

A few minutes later I checked my email and saw that a parent cancelled on an IEP meeting and outright made it impossible for us to meet within the 30 day federal guidelines. I became vocally frustrated until my husband poked his head in and said, "How dare she worry about keeping her job and feeding her kids instead of getting fired for taking time off just to sign a paper for some silly American law that doesn't make much sense in her world."

Sometimes we all need perspective.

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