Sunday, October 7, 2007


On Friday I stood with a fourth grader from my jump rope team waiting for her father to pick her up.

"How does your dad walk here?" I asked, wondering if I should drive her home myself, and if so, could I drive by where he walks in case we meet him en route.

"Slowly" she replied. "He's kind of slow"

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Suzanne G. said...

The honeymoon of the school year is over. One little guy is off to another school, another is dealing with a slow parent.

Did the parent ever show up?
Did the bff find a nice fit in the new school?
Have you found peace with both situations?

Thanks for the comment about the playground. There have been lots of nasty comments on our local paper's site. I sent them my url so they can rant on my blog. Venom like that will make my blog "hotter".