Wednesday, August 29, 2007

paper work vs. lecture

Today was a teacher workday so that teachers on the year-round calendar could attend trainings with the traditional calendar teachers who have not yet started back. We are blessed to have a principal who allows us to choose whether or not we're going to attend these trainings. If we choose not to we can use the day to de-clutter our classroom, catch up on paperwork or have a mid-week breather.

This morning I was one grouchy camper on my way to my training session. How, I wondered, did I voluntarily give up a day of getting organized to go sit in training for 8 hours? After years of teaching first grade I don't do very well sitting for over 30 minutes. What was I thinking?

My grumbling stopped about 3 minutes into the presentation. It was incredible. Dr. Jed Baker was presenting on social skills training. I had spent the summer reading his books but had never put it together that he was the speaker assigned for today. He could probably explain how paint dries in a way that would make you excited to watch it.

I took so much from the day. Despite the fact that I still have stacks of paper on my desk I am ridiculously happy I attended. I got answers to questions I'd been grappling with all month and gained insight that I can apply tomorrow.

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Blink said...

We teachers and others who attend required/highly recommended meetings/trainings, should have a little sticker we can put on our venti whatever that reminds us there is "no whining" in professional development. We usually come away a bit ahead socially, emotionally, and cognitively. We can only hope our teaching provides that for our kids.