Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Back To School Night '07

Whew! I've been joking all week about how wonderful back to school night will be now that I don't have my own classroom and don't have to present to parents. God must have started laughing at me Monday and decided to have me regret that joke. There were moments tonight I wished I was presenting. Instead I was running up and down the first grade hallway trying to convince the many, many kids in the hallway that they shouldn't be yelling because their mommies and daddies were inside their classroom trying to listen to their teacher. I've been the teacher trying to present so I know that those kids in the hallway are so loud your parents can barely hear you. They nod and smile like they understand because they don't want to go into the hallway and get their screaming child.

All the specialist and non-classroom teachers are stationed around the school trying to babysit the kiddos who weren't suppose to come to school that night. One of my co-workers ended up carrying around a two year old who didn't seem to belong to any adult. He held her until her diaper leaked onto his arm, at which point he started trying to find other adults to take her so he could go clean his arm.

I was even excited to dress up for the first time all year and so I was wearing nice tall heels that I can't wear during the day. Silly me didn't think that I'd be spending the night running up and down in my steve maddens, stopping kids from wondering into classrooms, throwing crayons, and playing mercy.

One of the best things about year-round schooling is that we get Back to School Night out of the way in August. Those of you in regular schooling, have fun :) I'm finished until '08.

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