Friday, August 24, 2007

i hate dr. jean

not really. I hate her in that way you hate your mother in high school. the 'you're making my life miserable right now but i know you're actually right' way.

dr. jean is actually brilliant. she sings basic concepts (abcs, days of the week, ect.) to catchy tunes to help the kids learn and remember them. it's great.

the problem is, they are very catchy. all i have heard in my head the last 2 weeks is 'a for apple, aaa b for boy, b, bbbbb' to the tune of the jeopardy theme song. i can't escape it. when i wake up in the morning. in the shower. in the car on the way to work. sometimes i think i'm actually going insane.

this morning i thought it had finally gone away, but alas, it was only to be replaced by the days of the week to the adams family theme song.

catchy. brilliant.

i hate her.


Suzanne G. said...

As a musician, I think you should come up with your own melodies to war against Dr. Jean in your brain.

This would be an excellent way to introduce the kiddies to the great show tunes. Why not take some Rogers and Hammerstein or Rogers and Hart tunes and do the same thing?

My kindergarteners last year loved "My Favorite Things". They sang it as is, all three verses! Barry Manilow is also fantastic for catchy tunes. Fight catchy with catchy!

Anonymous said...