Thursday, February 18, 2010

with a smile

As much as we all grumbled about the crazy kiss-and-ride duty that occurred Tuesday, and as much as my poor new boots took a beating, apparently we didn't show that we were frazzled.

Today a parent told me that his wife returned from dropping his children off at school and informed him of all the craziness she'd seen at our school. We started to apologize, but he added that she wasn't bothered by it, she just felt sorry for us, he explained. But, she also noted that we were all out there smiling, waving, and cheering as we navigated the ice, even though we were clearly cold.

It was nice to hear that parents appreciated our upbeat attitudes during a chaotic situation. Just a nice reminder of how awesome the think-tank really is.

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Petersrole said...

Customer service matters no matter what you do. Nice to have it noticed, though. Someone is always watching how you act, especially in stressful situations.