Sunday, February 28, 2010

overheard on the school bus...

The jump rope team I'm an assistant coach for is made up of 24 kids from 3rd-5th grade. They're extremely diverse (much like our school), and an absolutely fabulous group of kids. However, we've spent the last two Fridays on a school bus touring school after school to perform at school assemblies. For whatever reason, this group of jumpers seems to want to sit near the head coach and me on the bus. In previous years they headed to the back of the bus to be as far from adults as possible. This year, however, they seem perfectly happy for us to overhear all their conversations. Sometimes I'm amused, and sometimes I'm disturbed...

-My mom says that you can tell if people are from North Korea or South Korea because people from North Korea smell different. See, smell me, can you tell I'm from South Korea?

-"That is not going to help you with French kissing!" (which of course prompts me to turn around, only to find 3 children trying to unwrap starburst wrappers with their tongues. ew.... )

-"That teacher is super scary" one boy says,

"No, she's awesome, but yeah, last year, before she was my teacher, she got really mad at me for running in the hallway. But I think she forgot about that, and that's why she likes me this year"

- "Whoa! what's that building?" a child gasps at the mcmansion we drive by on the way to a school in a wealthier district. "No, really, Mrs. Lipstick, what is that?" Can I even tell you how much it pained me to tell them it was a house, for one family...

-"Hey, look, that place is named tequila. Ha, ha, tequila. You know, I've had a margarita before? nah, just kidding, only a non-virgin one... haha." Luckily no one else seemed to know what this child was talking about.

- "No, I don't like movies that much- books are SO much better."

and my heart melts.

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