Tuesday, February 2, 2010

like real authors...

We're currently in the midst of publishing our writing for our school's coming writing celebration, I Heart Writing. (This is my all-time favorite day of the year, but more on that later...)
So my awesome co-teacher and I are frantically trying to make sure every child has a typed, story that is worthy of being read aloud to a room full of parents/administrators/other students. We've spent the last few weeks teaching editing skills, and saying things like:

"What would Mo Willems do if he realized he had capital letters in the middle of his words?"
"Do you think Eric Carle would write a story without periods?"
"Would Kevin Hankes waste his writing time by playing with the stapler? I think not!"

The other day my fantastic co-teacher sat down to prepare The Story Teller's writing for publishing. She was just about to wrap up the conference when she noticed what he'd added to the back of his writing:
"Just like a real book!" he explained, as though that was obvious.

Mo Willems uses periods, capital letters, makes sure his stories make sense, AND has his own website. We did tell the story teller to be like Mo...


Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

I love it! The Story Teller is right, though.. real authors do have websites! How clever of this little one to think of the smallest detail just to make the book perfect. :)

Unlimited said...

I see a lot of this in my students' stories... including a recent line brought to me in a story that said "To find out more information about this character, go to www.buddythedog.com."