Friday, February 5, 2010

the un-justice of snow days

Our county made the announcement that school would be cancelled this past Wednesday at the same time it made the announcement that we would be expected to go to school on Presidents' Day. There was something harsh and unfair in the combined message. They took all happiness and excitement out of Wednesday's snow by so quickly reminding us that we'd lost the 3 day weekend we'd all been looking forward to. Couldn't they have allowed us to enjoy the luxury of the snow day and just waited 24 hours to tell us when we'd have to make it up?

Last night we watched the local news interview some young boy about the upcoming storm, who must have shared my exact feelings.

"They've already taken away Presidents' Day" he mournfully shook his head, "Who knows what holiday they'll take away next."

Mr. Lipstick, who clearly does not understand the sad reality of having to make up snow days responded in his best grim-reaper voice.

"your birthday. hahaha"


Sneaker Teacher said...

Last year we had an entire week of snow days right before winter break and we had to make them ALL up tacked onto the end of the year. It was not fun. Even though I don't like the idea of taking away President's Day, especially since people may have made plans to be away or busy on that Monday, you will be happy come the last day of school!

Madeleine said...

That's what we're facing. By the end of today Philadelphia might have 18 inches of snow. The chances of the city being plowed out on time for school Monday is mighty slim.

Another snow day? love it - especially since that'll give us a 3 day weekend. Unfortunately we'll have to pay for it in June.somin