Friday, June 8, 2007

ok, maybe we are ready for second grade

Today we started scrapbooking our year. Amongst the scraps of flying paper, photographs, and glue sticks I looked down at one little one's page. The picture she was working on was of just herself, reading a book. Beside it she wrote, "I love my sfl." (self).

My heart skipped a beat for a moment. This little girl had the most negative self-image in the beginning of the year. We started to wonder if what was interferring with her learning was that she was depressed. Now that I look at the changes and growth she made this year I realize that it is her image of herself that is leading the change. now that she sees her own worth she is pushing herself, coming to school, working hard, and frequently singing in the classroom.

I don't know where she got the language 'i love myself' and what gave her the idea to write it but she wrote it again in writing workshop. if nothing else at least she is going to second grade with a positive self image.

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