Sunday, June 17, 2007

did I teach you enough?

You taught me. Did I teach you

This year I learned:

  • First graders believe all wedding dresses should be pink

  • They also believe a wedding is equal to having a baby

  • If you say, "I'll have a baby when I'm 30, now I'm 26. How long is that?" They believe you are pregnant immediately, with a 4 year gestation period.

  • Never underestimate the powers of an imaginative child with an imaginary friend

  • Germ-x wont kill you like the label says

  • you can't teach a kid to read unless he opens his eyes (and I mean that literally)

  • A kid can refuse to read for you all year and yet still perform very well on the test. He really was listening all of those days...

  • Sometimes I need to get my controls back as much as the kids do

  • Even breaking an egg on the table does not prove that a baby chicken is not inside the egg

  • The debate over whether zero is even or odd is touchy, even with adults

  • First graders can debate quite well when given the right language

  • Rearranging the room with the entire class can be very, very successful

  • Using read-alouds during transitions can be magic

  • Read alouds bring community

  • Especially if you read it again, and again, and again...

  • Many, many different ways to teach kindness and respect

  • Creating a website is a great publishing experience. Writing is not just for books anymore..
  • sometimes expectations need to be clearly defined. What does 'right now' really mean? What do we do on the rug?

The list goes on and on. Did I possible teach you as much as you taught me?

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