Wednesday, June 6, 2007

jet-lagged teacher

The minute the kids saw me this morning they were wild with excitement. One started looking under the tables wondering where the leprechaun was hiding. When I finally had them slightly settled on the rug I read them the story I wrote last night about how the leprechaun stole my pictures. They were furious, telling every adult that came into the classroom what happened. Although their excitement made them wiggly, their paintings of their mental images were unbelievably accurate for the story. It was a great reminder that they don't have to be sitting perfectly still to be learning (in fact, it is usually the opposite, if they are sitting still they are probably not paying attention). Even ones who rarely participate where excited to paint in detail ("look, there is Miss L kicking the grass and her husband Mr. L saying, 'just calm down'")

it was a great, wild morning. I didn't have the energy to match their excitement, but it was fabulous them engaged in their learning. I'm glad I could use my misfortune to some advantage but I am still trying not to cry over the lost pictures.

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