Monday, June 25, 2007

drinking the kool-aide

I admit, I am a responsive classroom groupie. I love their philosophy, their programs, and their workshops. I buy the books, take all of the classes I can, and try hard to impliment their ideas in my own classroom.

This week I am taking 'Responsive Classroom- Literacy' class, as I have already taken RC 1, RC 2, and RC 3 isn't offered this week. There is something inspiring, motivating, and energizing about being in a room for 8 hours with educators passionate about teaching in a way that empowers the kids. They have come from all over the US, some from mexico, to participate in the workshop.

I'll try to share whatever tidbits/broad ideas I get over the next week. Most of today was setting the stage so we'll see where it takes us tomorrow.

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