Friday, June 1, 2007

I just finished running around our dusty playground fields for Field Day. I LOVE field day. I love watching the kids cheer for each other, jump up and down and squeal for almost no reason other than the excitement of the day. I love watching them come back in exhausted from the day, but still in happy moods. It builds such great community that I almost wish we did it earlier in the year. (Our school runs a very organized field day. I've been at schools that are the opposite and then I didn't love field day quite so much. )

After spending half the day at field day, I am about to head off to the airport for a quick trip to Ireland with my husband. His best friend is getting married on Monday and we're flying over for the wedding and flying back on Wednesday. It will be a whirl-wind trip but I'm excited about it.

My first graders were not. At least at first. "You're doing what?" "You're leaving us?" "Why do you have to do that?" "I didn't even go to my gramma's wedding, because I threw up in the car and we had to turn around"....

I grabbed the globe, showed them where we were going, and then reminded them of St. Patricks day. Suddenly I was getting all sorts of directions on how to catch a leprechaun. They couldn't stop rattling on about all the different ways I could bring one back to our classroom. So, in our cool-ish classroom after crazy morning in the heat, my kids excitedly wrote all kinds of instructions on how my husband and I can catch a leprechaun.

I wont be missed anymore although now somehow I have to either produce a leprechaun, or a really good story on how I tried to catch one. Perhaps some pictures of one getting away. My husband is going to love our new task...

"You can get a butterfly catcher and capture him. and come back to room 117. Then you can say "tell me war is your gold and sho me war"

"You shod drestup like a leprecone and say no! I will tacke you! and tacke your gold and say I have a lot of gold! You shod make him clean and give him a little bit for it can make it clean.

"You should catch the leprachon and he might be annoying but i know you can do it so I am going to trust you guys and if you guys don't catch one its ok. PLEASE catch it"

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