Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tears for Google Reader

When I learned that Google Reader is set to end this summer I was devastated  Part of me hoped it was some evil internet hoax, like when those crazy posts come out saying that they are going to start making you pay for Facebook. Ending Google Reader is not OK.

I'm not ready to say goodbye to my Google Reader. I don't go to websites independently. I barely have time to brush my teeth everyday. But my reader? Everyday. And if I'm on vacation or if I'm so crazy busy that I miss a day here or there (or a week) it's all nicely filed away and waiting for me- organized and calling my name. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

I'm not sure that I'm ready to forgive Google, but I also don't know what alternative I have. I blog in Google  have personal email in Google  and I live within my Google drive so I'm not sure I can announce that I'm boycotting them. Instead I can just be very, very sad.

SO, if you are like me and are wondering how life is suppose to go on, here are some Reader Alternatives from the Huff Post. (And if you only read my blog through your reader and otherwise would never check it, then, well, why don't you go ahead and set up one of these alternatives now just so you won't forget when the time comes :) )


turtlemama said...

Feedly is what I'm hearing the most buzz about. Good luck! So sad here and don't have time to investigate alternatives.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Omg.... I have major love for Feedly!!! I'm an hour into it and adore it.

Emily said...

I already moved all my Reader blogs over to my Chrome browser. I've organized it all today! I think I need to look into the Google Drive thing you talk about!

Emily said...

Ah, I know. So sad. I already bookmarked you in my Chrome Browser bookmarks! :)

PamelaTrounstine said...

I second that. I understand that some people use visual means (Flipboard, Currents, etc.) to check up on their favorite blogs and news sites, but it leaves it open to chance what you'll get, and that's not what I want. I am busy, like you are busy, but I like to hear what you have to say every time you say it, and some of the other things I follow can post between 10-100 things a day-- in those "chance" formats those drown out voices like yours, like Mrs. Mimi, and other teachers who don't typically blog without something good to say. It makes me frustrated that I could rely on Reader to notify me that you posted (and obviously I follow through fairly often to your site to comment) and none of the proposed alternatives address that aspect of Reader's benefits.