Saturday, March 30, 2013

Are you happy? Did you laugh yesterday?

In the midst of my current teaching angst I found this Gallup poll extremely interesting. It reflects teachers as some of the happiest professionals. At first this made me choke on my morning coffee, but reading on I realized it may not be off base. They didn't go around asking teachers whether or not they were happy. The questions they asked in order to measure happiness were whether or not we get to use our strengths every day, whether or not we laughed or smiled yesterday, and whether or not we learned something new yesterday.

Turns out no one measures happiness by how people snub us at cocktail parties. Maybe we shouldn't measure ourselves by that either.

My first thought was to feel very sorry for all my non-teacher friends out there not laughing during the day, using their strengths daily and learning new things. Is the real world really that depressing?

Read the article. Then read the comments. We are a really bipolar bunch.

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