Monday, March 25, 2013

Fix this

I wish I could say that this article shocked me. I wish I could be freshly horrified and angry. But sadly I'm watching similar stories play out daily and its heart breaking.
When I first learned of what my colleagues needed to do in order to "test" their students with severe intellectual disabilities I was horrified and shocked. Now, sadly, it's become the norm. The story in this article isn't anything new.

It needs to be changed, and quickly. Children are losing valuable time when they could be learning life skills that will allow them to survive and live a more meaningful life. Instead they are pretending to take tests so that we can all feel good about ourselves. Look, we can brag, even Johnny is being assessed.

I read many different points of view in who to blame in the comments. Republicans, democrats, socialists, libertarians- I don't care. I don't want to assign blame, I want it fixed. I want common sense back in schools. Can we please stop arguing and start doing something about it?

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turtlemama said...

'Teachers need to be told exactly what to teach, the policymakers say, and their performance must be constantly monitored to make sure they’re following orders.'

If that's what policymakers truly think, then why are teaching degrees even needed? This whole issue is infuriating and no small part of the reason we homeschool.