Friday, August 31, 2012

Things work out...

For two years I watched one of my students greet his little sister after school. She'd wait for him at the door of our school with her father and as soon as her brother came around the corner she'd grin with excitement. I loved watching how this little kindergarten boy treated his younger sister with such kindness and patience. I was usually so impressed with the little family that I couldn't help myself- I would go out to talk to her and his family. I frequently told him that I couldn't wait for his sister to come to kindergarten so I could teach her. He would shake his head, "She goes to a special school" he'd say every time.

"No, I want to teach her, I want her to come here!"  But she never came to our school and the family moved away. I hadn't even thought about them in a few years.

This morning I looked up to see the boy- now a fifth grader- walking into my classroom after a young girl with a sweet smile. It took 4 years but I finally get to teach the little girl I'd always watched in the afternoons. It felt like a wonderful sign that I am exactly where I am suppose to be. 

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