Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pictures to Parents

Almost everyday since I've been back at work my daycare provider I've checked my email to find a picture of my daughter from my daycare provider. She's busy working, laughing, or seriously looking at something- something showing me a quick look into the day. They aren't the best pictures (it's hard to catch a girl on the go) but I can't tell you how much I LOVE them.

Every time I see them I make a mental note to do that for the parents I work with as well. They don't have to be perfect pictures, but I need to take the time to show parents what's going on in our room and what their kids are doing. I love these snapshots into my child's day.


Julia said...

I work in a preschool and we started doing daily blog posts (full of photos) each day last year. It made the parents so happy to see their children happy and having fun each day. It also made us teachers happier because we were getting a lot fewer parents worrying about their child not having friends or not adjusting to school(since they could see photo evidence to the contrary). A few minutes each day well spent!

organized chaos said...

I love that use of a blog- I'd love to do that for my classroom this year. What blog platform do you use? Is it set at private so only parents can see it?

Julia said...

Last year we used Blogger. Keeping it secure was a pain, because you have to invite all the readers to allow them access, and they'd have to log-in with a Google account (not nec. Gmail, but a Google account). If you don't have tech-savvy parents then I'd imagine it wouldn't work well. This year we had our web developer add a blog platform to our school's website, so there's just one password for all the parents to use- should be easier for parents (although not as easy for teachers- there's no winning!).