Friday, August 17, 2012

More Change

SO, I've now switched from being a "non-categorical" teacher to having my own classroom for students with Intellectual Disabilities. I'm ridiculous excited (I'll even have one of my kiddos from last year) and am extremely nervous. I had four students in my classroom last year who had an Intellectual Disability. They were all very different and a lot of fun.

I'm blessed that the aid in the room has a wealth of experience with children with Intellectual Disabilities, particularly when it comes to behaviors. I'm already feeling guilty that she's getting an IA salary with her vast amount of knowledge and my own learning curve.

This year just got harder and more exciting. I'm already plotting our cooking, our voice-threads, our read alouds and praying that I somehow make it through the year.

Stay with me as I navigate all of this...

Are there any of you out there who are Intellectual Disabilities teachers? What resources do you recommend?

Our classroom has NO BOOKS. What sort of classroom library do you recommend? Any suggestions on where I can get good sets of children's books? I left most of my personal library at my old school because I was under the impression that I'd have a brand new classroom library, but they didn't order any for our rooms. Hopefully we'll get this remedied, but in the mean time- suggestions on good texts and cheap places to get them?


Julia said...

If you don't mind driving up to Columbia, you can get amazing deals on books at Daedalus
They have hardbacks for around $5 and paperbacks usually around $2-3.

organized chaos said...

Thanks! That sounds worth driving to Columbia for!

luckeyfrog said...

Check out the Classroom Library Company! They have great book collections for specific things and the people are SO nice about helping you personalize it. I also love to get books from Goodwill (paperbacks 69 cents each!), library book sales (bag sales are the BEST), and of course Scholastic :) Good luck finding some books!

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