Friday, March 16, 2012


I had a big long post about today but it just wasn't cutting it. Instead these conversations pretty much sums up my day:

"A friend is trying to show all of us in Mrs. Lipstick's class his underwear. Could you give us some pants?"

"WET!" the friend yelled happily, pointing to the borrowed pants I'd give him to put on. We've been working on identifying wet and dry to help us know when it is time to change our pants. And yes, he was right, his pants were wet. Of course, they were wet because he'd thrown them into the toilet. He hadn't wanted to put them on but I'd explained that he couldn't put his old pants on because his old pants were wet. So he made his new pants wet too.

With old pants and new pants both wet, me covered in urine, and my friend not understanding that he could not leave the bathroom without pants I knew I could either laugh or cry.

At least it is Friday and this week is over.

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magpie said...

Yes, definitely sounds like womens work to this Primary school teaching male (me).
You're worth every cent Mrs Lipstick ☺☺☺