Thursday, March 22, 2012

even the frog

The day had finally ended. I was leaning into Brown Bear's car, chatting with his family about our upcoming field trip when I heard people behind me yelling something about a frog. I wasn't really paying attention but as I walked back into the building I could clearly hear the words, "frog on the floor".
Then someone pointed at me- "your frog."
"My frog, what?"
"Your frog is on the floor."
My aquatic frog that will die if he is in the air for too long was jumping around our classroom floor. Who knows how long she'd been on land- no one was in my room for the last half hour of the day. Apparently someone walking by the room saw it jumping.

Yes, today was just that awful- so awful that the class pet decided to commit suicide.

If it wasn't intentional suicide maybe she just decided to break the rules and ignore all boundaries so she could be like everyone else in the room.


It was a long day.

Hopefully the frog will make it, but she's looking a little sluggish now that she is back in the water.

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luckeyfrog said...

Wow. Even the frog? You have had a TOUGH week.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! Just one more day to get through. Good luck!

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