Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Duck, duck, ...

Any veteran teacher can tell you that no matter what you do you don't teach the -uck chuck and you don't rhyme anything with duck. It's just too dangerous.
Yesterday I'd found a cute book of the song 5 Little Ducks, and was excited that it would fit in with a few of our current objectives. I wasn't even focused on rhyming but threw it in because we can never get too much practice.
Patting myself on the back for imbedding rhyming into the lesson I said, "What rhymes on this page?" hoping they would identify play and away.
A student sitting in the front row glanced up at the book and clearly said, "duck, f---".
My IA and I exchanged looks of panic and amusement as I hurried and loudly redirected the class to the word play.

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magpie said...

You could have also incorporated...
%@#$ and *!~# and #@&!