Saturday, September 18, 2010

Royal Kinders et. al

Working in 3 different classrooms means I have to learn 3 different sets of names. I finally felt like I had somewhat of a handle on it by Friday when I looked down at one girls' paper. I could have sworn her name was Lucy, but she'd written a very long string of letters on the Name line of her paper. She didn't seem like a kid who couldn't spell her name, so I was surprised that the line did not just say "Lucy".

"What does this say, friend?" I asked and she proudly responded, "My name, Queen Lucy," and went straight back to coloring. And sure enough, at a second glance she had written Quenlucy. Half of these kids can't write their own names correctly and here she is giving herself a title.

dude, I want a title. I'd like to be Royal Princess Lipstick. Yes?

~~ ~~ ~~
I'm quickly falling in love with one little kindergarten boy. Every time we say the word "books" his eyes light up and he claps his hands. Sometimes he even whispers "books!" to his friend near him if he thinks we're going to read. How do you not love that? The only problem is that my book-friend comes to school everyday drenched in cologne. The cheap, drug store, celebrity knock off cologne that can make an entire room smell like the perfume counter at JC Penny's. This in itself wouldn't be so bad if Book-Friend wasn't a cuddler. He uses any chance he gets to crawl into a lap, hug an adult, or lean against you during story time. Which means I go home every evening smelling like some other man. Mr. Lipstick is getting a bit suspicious.

~~ ~~ ~~
Another one of my darling friends looked at me in excitement yesterday and announced, "This weekend I'm going to watch a movie with my whole family!"
"What movie?" I asked, expecting something kinder-friendly.
"New Moon!" he replied. It took me a minute- why do I know that title- is that a new Disney movie? Oh wait, no, of course not, I saw that movie along with every teenage girl in the country. But um, I'm talking to a kindergarten boy.
"Really?" I asked, a bit skeptical.
He nodded. "I'm team Jacob."
~~ ~~ ~~

At a parent conference earlier this week we sat down with a parent who'd recently moved to the area. As we were chatting about how her move had been she mentioned how excited she was to be at this school. "Everyone says this is the best school in the area! My child's daycare says this is the best school in the state!" she laughed at the hyperbole.
I couldn't help but grin. Yeah, we rock, I wanted to say. I certainly think we're the best school in the state- it's nice to know what's being said about us on the playground/daycare circuit.

Kind of funny how you can not make AYP for 2 years but the people who matter- the ones with kids in the school, who are pleased with how much their kids are learning- still say great things about you. Kind of makes you wonder...


magpie said...

Who needs school ratings when you've got a Kindergarten student on team Jacob!!!
You definitely Rock!!!
Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

Jenna said...

I saw an interesting statistic somewhere - while a majority of Americans feel that the education system is in crisis, an overwhelming number believes that their school does a good job in teaching their children.

There's a crisis somewhere... just not here.

Sarah said...

A kindergartner should NOT know if he's Team Jacob or Team Edward... too funny!

And I want to be Queen Sarah ;)