Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the relief of a good day

It wasn't until today ended and I was walking out of the building with a smile on my face that I realized what I've been lacking so far this school year: good days. It's sad to say but even though I've been loving my new kiddos and having fun in kindergarten, so far this year has been ridiculously stressful. Brainstorming how to help PJ, how to manage my schedule, how to balance meeting the needs of everyone on my case load, and just keeping up with paperwork has been overly taxing. The behavior specialist we've been working with keeps warning us about how draining one of our kiddos will be, but I don't think we've realized how true it is. Until today when for the first time I wasn't drained.
I left school excited to come back the next day.
PJ had a great day. No children left the building without permission. Jenny brought in Knuffle Bunny Free and I read all three Knuffle Bunny tales straight through to a small group of kiddos- it was pure magic. Pixie didn't quite understand the whole story, but I've never seen her so still for a read aloud- and this was three. Mo Willems is a genius.
PJ asked a child if he could share legos with her.
Pixie remembered two letters in her name.
I found time to get into one of my other classrooms today.
I was able to sprint out the door at the end of the day and buy another pair of comfy-sturdy-yet-cute shoes. I'm in love with this brand. Mom- I'm thinking Christmas- this in black, or this. I now own two pairs of the same shoe from this brand- one in black, one in brown.
I wore my brand new black shoes to class, where we met with our cohort to discuss our over all program. Then we got out early.
I practically skipped home.
Tomorrow may be another disaster, but at least I'll have the memory of today- I'll remember what it feels like to end the day on a positive note. And that will get us through.

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magpie said...

What a kwinkydinks!
I just read Knuffle bunny too.
I'll definitely read it to the Kindys if I get the chance.
I knew there had to be a modern day Corduroy out there.