Tuesday, September 28, 2010

if I ever die and wake up in a small, confined bathroom used only by 5 year olds...

I'll know I did something very, very wrong in this life.

At exactly 3 o'clock this afternoon My-Partner-In-Crime and I were nose to nose in the kids' bathroom in our room. She clutched her computer and we both tried to limit our breathing to what is absolutely necessary- normally we (and the custodians) don't go near the two foot by four foot pee closet, especially in the beginning of the year when kindergarten boys are still learning to use the bathroom standing up.
We eyed the yellow liquid on the toilet seat and on the floor, tried to block out the noises of the two giant crickets hanging out under the toilet, and read the hieroglyphic drawings written on the door by someone who'd obviously snuck a crayon into the bathroom when he knew he was going to be in there for awhile. A book would have been too hard to sneak in.

We looked at each other in astonishment. Outside the door, inside our lovely scent-free classroom a friend was having a difficult time and our administration felt it was best we were no longer in his eye sight. Of course he was blocking the door so we were not able to leave the room. We could have gone out the window, but that could have created a scene. So instead, we were sentenced to the bathroom.

Our admin was right- we needed to be out of eye sight. It was the right decision, but wow. I can take being peed on, puked on, run from, yelled at, punched, and spit on, but please, please never again close me in a small box covered with numerous children's pee and the heavy scent of years of kindergarten boys still learning to aim.

It's amazing any of our children actually use the bathroom at school. It's so disgusting I'd think we'd have more children determined to hold it until they go home.

Later this evening in my Stats class my fellow doctoral students shared their daily activities which included attending seminars for professors, analyzing data, and summarizing reports on early childhood intervention. I changed the subject when they asked me- somehow, "I was stuck in a kindergarten bathroom" just doesn't make good small talk.

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Mary said...

He he, love this post. But my favorite part is your tag "reasons to study for the lsat."

Hoping tomorrow is a better day my friend!