Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Me: Look at Mrs. Partner in Crime when she's talking.

Pixie: Wow, nice glasses.

Me: What were the directions?

Pixie: I love your rings.

Me: Look at my face. Am I happy or sad?

Pixie: Wow, where'd you get that necklace?

Teeth grind, deep breath, it is only the second week of school.

Then, tonight I sat in my Stats class and tried really, really hard to pay attention. I really want to know this stuff, and I really want to do well in stats, and I really tried to focus on what my professor was saying. But she was wearing this adorably cute dress and I wondered where she got it. And then I wondered if I had time to buy a new dress for back to school night tomorrow, which made me wonder what I would wear to Back to School Night, and all of a sudden I had no idea what was going on with the numbers, graphs, and squiggly lines on the board.

Pixie and Me? Not so different after all...

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Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

They always say, you have to be a little special ed to teach special ed. And how true is it? I'm REALLY ADHD when it comes to people talking to me. I just want to blurt out or ask a question.. just like my little friends do.

On a different note.. can't wait to hear more about Pixie. I have a feelings she's going to provide LOTS of entertainment! :)