Monday, September 20, 2010

new shoes

I just got back from buying new back to school shoes. The first ones I bought, while cute, comfy, and flat, clearly are not going to cut it this year. I realized halfway through the day that I now need to own cute, comfy dress-like shoes that will also act just like running shoes when I need to run at a moment's notice. After checking out a fabulous co-worker's shoes from REI I headed over there to buy the kind of shoes I could hike a mountain in and still look like I'm a professional you'd trust with your child. I'm spending the next two days being trained in the proper way to restrain children safely (if they must be restrained due to safety), and I figured I might as well practice this training in my new sporty shoes.

This realization came about today when my partner-in-crime and I realized we'd been blocked into our room. Our friend had quickly left the room and threw his body against our door so we couldn't get out. It was kind of incredible. He stared into the room at us angrily, watching our every move, occasionally shaking the door knob to remind us he has the power. The amazing thing was- other than the fact we felt like idiots for being "locked in" by a six year old, it was great- because he was staring at us through the window of the door we knew exactly where he was and what he was doing. He was so focused on keeping us inside the room (we weren't pushing the door to get out, we just kept on doing what we were doing) that we knew he was occupied. He wasn't hurting himself or anyone else- he was just using his force to keep us in the room. All in all he could have chosen worse ways to show us his anger.

Still, if everyday is as exciting as this one I may need new comfy-sturdy shoes in every color.


Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

If these work for you, please share! As you know, I sometimes have to restrain children for safety reasons as well. Unfortunately those are usually the days I wear *gasp!* heels or less than comfortable shoes. I'm always looking for cute, comfortable, but more importantly, smart shoes.

Anonymous said...

My god, you people are saints.

luckeyfrog said...

Sketchers have some great tennis shoes with a suede-y/ leather look in black and brown. They're not super cute, but they look professional enough with pants where you can hardly see them- and they feel like tennis shoes to me!