Thursday, August 19, 2010

new books!

I think my absolute favorite part of going to school is going to the bookstore to pick up your new books. It is, after all, mandatory book shopping. Is there anything better than opening the cover for the first time- before it is a requirement- and skimming through the pages, reading bits and pieces for the pure joy of new information and not because it will be on the test?

These are my text books for one of my classes this fall. I am so excited.

The other class is Intro to Educational Statistics. I can't bring myself to buy those books yet. They are big and scary and expensive. I'm going to pretend that class isn't happening until it is here.

One more week of summer break before graduate school and the chaos of back-to-school begins. I feel like I'm treading water while I wait for everything to come into itself. My days are suddenly filled with mandatory laziness (get it in now since I wont have time to get it in later) and desperately trying to finish all those projects and errands I'd told myself I'd do this summer when school ended in June.

I spent the morning reading in the Sculpture Garden at the National Gallery of Art, followed by frozen yogurt for lunch at one of those new fro-yo places in downtown dc. It was the perfect lazy summer morning. Then I came home and tried to organize our home office. It's not going well, so I'm flipping through my new textbooks instead. :)

one more week.


Mary said...

Did you go to Pinkberry? It's my absolute favorite fro-yo place at the moment, but sadly the closest one is 140 miles away.

I finally got around to reading Knuffle Bunny (and Knuffle Bunny Too) at B&N tonight. Jason and I LOVED it! The illustrations are fantastic and unique and we loved the story. The part where Trixie "goes boneless"? Priceless! Lauren has pulled that move on us 1000 times but I've never had a name for it. We'll definitely be adding Knuffle Bunny to our collection.

Unlimited said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I LOVE THE BRAIN! I'm so jealous of those books and that class. Good luck!