Saturday, August 28, 2010


I'm away at a wedding in New England and have noticed that every time I say I'm a teacher people's eyes start glancing around the room.

From now on I'm an Early Childhood Special Education Consultant working in a school.

Unless any of you can come up with a better title. What's a good cocktail party job description?


Unlimited said...

Mother to Other People's Children.

Educator of their future Retirement Financial Advisor.

VP of a Primary Think Tank

or, my favorite, "If I tell you what I really do, you will scan the room thinking there is someone better to talk to."

Jenny said...

I like Unlimited's final thought!

This phenomenon drives me insane. People will talk about respecting teachers but they certainly don't show it.

Lea said...

How about Educator Extraordinaire, although I really like Unlimited's last one.

Anonymous said...

Psycho-cognitive specialist

The Science Goddess said...


Say it loud and proud.