Sunday, August 15, 2010

the introverted reading geek in me rejoiced

"No Mom!" the 5th grade-ish girl moaned, stepping off the metro car. "I don't think it will be fun. I'd rather be home, curled up in front of the fire with a good book!"

and later, I heard her sigh again on the escalator, "I just want to use my brain, Mom!"

I wanted to hug her. We are long-lost introverted book-sisters. Yet as introverted book sisters we wouldn't actually hug. So she will never know I rejoiced in her proclamation. I hope she got to spend at least part of her vacation with a good book.


Mary said...

I'm pretty sure that WAS me in the 5th grade :-)

Meanwhile, I keep dancing said...

And was mom saying, "Put down that book and get some exercise!"? That was my gram's line.

magpie said...

My wife is still saying that.

Jen said...

Just saw this posting, having returned from our yearly read a lot vacation by the lake. I'd read over a thousand pages by 5 days in, but the best part was watching the 8 year old finally convert to reading chapter books at a gulp. Now all 5 of us can happily read for hours on end!