Wednesday, August 11, 2010

instructional costs again

I received an email yesterday explaining that for the most part instructional costs are anything that occur within school walls. That makes perfect sense, and is easy to draw the line between what is considered instructional, and what is not. (I did not mean to imply that I did not think any of the items I listed should not be considered a part of instructional costs... guidance counselors, sports, the clinic aid- all of these things I find very, very important and all help support us in the classroom. If there are two people I over-rely on in our building it would be the counselors and the clinic aid. In fact one year I even gave us a team name since the three of us, along with a classroom teacher and the principal, were in such close touch working with one family.)

If some school systems are able to divide their costs between what happens within school walls and what happens on the outside, while don't all the districts do this? Is it more difficult for smaller districts to divide their funds? I'm just curious about the differences.

I currently work in a very large, wealthy school district. After growing up in a small/poor district and student teaching in an even smaller/poorer one I am constantly aware of the vast differences between large and small districts and the resources/funding/opportunities available in larger districts.

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