Monday, December 7, 2009

sometimes the only good thing about Mondays is that they can't last forever

I sat beside fabulous friend during the writing workshop lesson today. While for most children a writing workshop lesson where the teacher models stretching out the sounds in words...

Let's say the word snow slowly- sn-ow. What do you hear? An s? What else with the s? S-N. Yes! Let's write that... sn....

...can be tedious but informative, for fabulous friend it was an all-out workout. Every time my partner in crime began to stretch out a word fabulous friend loudly shouted out the sounds she heard, and as she waited for the teacher to announce the correct sound she flopped onto the carpet with a sigh, pulled herself to shout out again, and then, when she heard the correct letter that corresponded to the sound she cheered/booed/flopped onto the carpet again in utter exhaustion. Learning for her is a full body experience. She must go home at the end of every day exhausted.

Later that day I sat down to work with another friend who asked me why I had my hair down. (I've been wearing my hair up all this year to avoid having one of our friends share lice with me). I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I don't know, I just like it like this today".

My friend replied, "well, you look like a monster like that".


Let's hope Tuesday will be better.

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