Monday, December 28, 2009


I read in the Washington Post yesterday that two new biographies on Ayn Rand are coming out. I'm curious to read them to see if 1) either book discusses the fact that Rand may have had high functioning autism, and 2) if not, can I find any more information that supports my theory that Ayn Rand had high functioning autism.

I've read both Fountain Head and Atlas Shrugged and am pretty convinced that anyone who believes Howard Roark is the ideal male in society has a communication disorder. Rand created fictional worlds where characters acted on pure reason. Don't you think that someone with high functioning autism would find such a world divine? A world where you wouldn't be confused about other people's emotions because people wouldn't use emotions to make decisions. A world where as long as you acted on your best reason you wouldn't have to work so hard on deciphering others emotions. Has anyone else read the rape love scene in Fountain Head? Tell me that was not written by someone who did not understand the emotional side of physical love.

I've also read that many people with high functioning autism love Rand's books because they understand them so well.

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Cynthia said...

I read Anthem many times while in high school, and I'm thinking you might be right. I'll be interested in what you find.