Monday, December 14, 2009


Dear Weekend,
I have to admit I'm hurt. I thought we had a long standing deal. If I worked hard during the week you'd get my back for two days. You know, make sure I get rest, recharge. Get me ready for Monday morning.

Monday morning is here, Weekend, and I don't feel rested or recharged. Where were you?

Don't give me the "All bets are off during the holiday season" argument. I don't buy it- during the holidays is when I need you the most. Sure there is holiday party after holiday party- you're job is to give me enough time in between the parties to rest. And don't feed me the line I feed my students "You made these choices". I don't want to hear it today, I just don't. And I made some good choices- I skipped one party to 'get work done'. But despite not going to the party (oh weekend, it was even just across the street, it would have been so simple to go) I am still not rested and I was still not productive.

My bag of work I brought home? The IEP I was going to get ready for? The reading I was going to do so I could understand one of my children better? The planning I had such great intentions of doing? All still sitting in my bag, untouched.

Weekend, you were suppose to make things different. You were suppose to have my back- but at the moment I don't think you were here at all. What? Did you go off and party instead of doing your job?

Look- I know sometimes we all mess up, but when it's your turn in 5 days, please try to do a little better. At least give me some sort of effort to let me know you're there.

So here I go, off to work, with an IEP in a few hours, clutching my coffee cup to wake me up, feeling betrayed by you.

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