Tuesday, December 16, 2008

my brilliant coworker, with her genius idea

splatypus over at kindergartenchaos sent me an article on charter schools yesterday (Charter Schools Make Gains On TestsHeadway by Poor Children Linked To Rigorous Methods, Ample Funds
By Dan Keating and Theola Labbé-DeBoseWashington Post Staff Writers,)

once i was finished ranting she pointed out why she'd sent it to me, "why doesn't someone compare our school with the high performing charter schools? even though we're public we still do a lot of what makes them (and us) successful."

excellent point. why do only charter schools get to be successful? come see us and see what makes us successful. how we, as a public school, are able to raise test scores.

sometimes it seems nobody wants to point to the public schools that are working... it's a lot more fun and controversial to point to the schools that aren't.

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