Wednesday, December 17, 2008

down and out

one of my kiddos looked just a bit off this morning. "hows it going?" i asked in my most cheerful-pull-a-kindergartner-out-of-being-a-grump voice.

"i don't feel so good" he said (which is the most articulate i've ever heard him be)

"and i hate christmas!"

"why do you hate christmas?"

"because, every year i ask santa clause to come, and every year he doesn't. my mom says he'll come one year, but i don't know when."

what do you say to that? for most of the kids christmas is an incredible time, but to think that santa skips you... one of my kiddos from last year told me that santa was too busy for him. it's heartbreaking to imagine a child thinking that this magical man skips just them but goes to all the other children. :(

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